CNRS-UArizona Joint Call for Proposals Graduate Research Fellowship International Mobility

The France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges (CNRS & University of Arizona International Research Center) is issuing this call for proposals to support collaborative research in all disciplines. Each project will involve one CNRS-affiliated team and one UArizona team. Each team will be built around a Principal Investigator (PI) and a doctoral student (identified or not at the time of proposal submission). Up to five three-year awards will be made, including:

  • to the CNRS-affiliated team: a three-year fellowship for the doctoral student starting in Fall 2022, supplemented with up to 5,000 euros/year for three years to cover mobility costs for visits to the UArizona partner team by the CNRS-affiliated doctoral student and PI and co-PIs.
  • to the UArizona team: up to 5,000 US dollars/year for three years to cover mobility costs for visits to the CNRS-affiliated partner team by the UArizona doctoral student and PI and co-PIs. Note that the UArizona doctoral student involved in the project is expected to have her/his own graduate funding (Teaching Assistantship, training grant, NSF GRFP…)

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