Conversation with Régis Ferrière, Deputy Director of the International Research Center CNRS-UArizona for Global Grand Challenges

November 6 saw the first edition of the “France Science Summit“, a symposium organized by the CNRS Office in Washington D.C. and the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States. This scientific event was dedicated to promoting French research in the United States and highlighting scientific cooperation projects between the two countries. Several French researchers working in the United States in the three priority disciplines of the bilateral scientific relationship (health, environment and emerging technologies) were invited to present their research and talk about the benefits of transatlantic collaboration for the advancement of science.

Discover the exclusive interview with Régis Ferrière, Professor at the University of Arizona (UArizona), Deputy Director of the CNRS-UArizona International Research Center for Global Grand Challenges and Director of the CNRS-UArizona International Research Laboratory iGlobes. He discusses the strengths of French and American research, scientific collaborations between the two countries, and his perspective on the importance of the link between science and innovation.

Credits: Loïc RUFFAUD (

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