CNRS-GWU International Research Laboratory EpiDaPo

Epigenetics, Data, Politics

Participants (FR) : CNRS

Participants (US) : George Washington University (District of Columbia)

From the discovery of DNA to the first sequencing of the epigenome of human cells, the life sciences are regularly transforming the nature of their scientific and technical project, and in so doing are shifting the boundaries that separate them from other sciences.
EpiDaPo (Epigenetics, Data, Politics) is an International Research Laboratory created in 2014 by CNRS and UCLA, based in Los Angeles and hosting researchers from the life sciences and social sciences. On the occasion of a new partnership between CNRS and George Washington University signed in April 2018, the IRL is now based in Washington DC.
Through its interdisciplinary approach to the issues associated with “genomic” and “post-genomic” approaches to life, EpiDaPo aims not only to get members of different scientific communities (life and environmental sciences, human and social sciences, computer science, etc.) working together, but also to contribute to public debate and informed decision-making, particularly in the field of public health policy.

  • The George Washington University


  • Director, Eric Vilain


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