CNRS-UC Berkeley International Research Laboratory Centre Pierre Binétruy

Centre Pierre Binétruy

Participants (FR) : CNRS

Participants (US) : University of California, Berkeley (California)

The International Research Laboratory Centre Pierre Binétruy is a research center of the CNRS and the University of California at Berkeley. The scientific domain of this IRL is astroparticle physics, cosmological physics and their interface with fundamental physics, particularly in the light of current and future observations. The laboratory’s aim is to support some of the most successful collaborations between research groups in France and Berkeley. Its aim is to help them evolve into excellent efforts, capable of tackling some of the most exciting scientific challenges facing cosmology and astroparticle physics over the next decade. The IRL also aims to encourage, support and motivate new ideas and initiatives. It organizes meetings and workshops, animates scientific life at various levels, and provides support, assistance and advice to visiting French researchers.
The IRL’s main scientific objectives are defined around four main themes. These are as follows :

  • understanding the nature of cosmological components, including dark energy – responsible for the observed acceleration of the expansion of the Universe, with dark matter the dominant component, similar to ordinary matter, necessary to explain the current
    and relativistic particles, including neutrinos;
  • understanding the mechanism, known as inflation, responsible for generating the primordial inhomogeneities that gave rise to the structures currently observed in the Universe;
  • understanding gravity in cosmological, astrophysical and fundamental physics contexts, as revealed by gravitational wave observations;
  • promote multidisciplinarity to accelerate progress in addressing the three themes listed above.
  • University of California, Berkeley


  • Director, Radek Stompor
  • Director, Saul Perlmutter


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