PhD Joint program – CNRS-University of Chicago

The CNRS-University of Chicago International Research Center for Fundamental Scientific Discovery (IRC Discovery) is a joint research center between the University of Chicago and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). IRC Discovery strengthens partnership between scholars at two of the world’s leading research institutions and leverages both institutions’ robust networks and large-scale investments in scientific infrastructure to address some of the world’s biggest questions. In this context, a call for projects 2024-2027 UChicago-CNRS Collaborative Research Program has been launched.

This call for proposals is designed to identify and support collaborations between teams at the University of Chicago and researchers in CNRS-affiliated laboratories through the creation of research pairs consisting of a principal investigator and a PhD student. It will fund a CNRS fellowship for up to 3 years, starting in autumn 2024. This grant will cover the teams’ travel expenses for a period of 3 years (beginning July 1, 2024 for researchers at the University of Chicago and January 1, 2024 for researchers in CNRS-affiliated laboratories). Number of grants: up to 5 projects selected.

Opening date: 25/09/2023
Closing date: 20/11/2023
Evaluation submission date: 31/01/2024

This call is open to all disciplines and academic research areas. Priority will be given to projects that build upon themes addressed in the inaugural workshops hosted as part of IRC Discovery’s launch in June 2023, which include:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Physical biology of emerging model organisms
  • Quantum Information Sciences

To be eligible to apply to this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Proposed projects should include a UChicago PI and graduate student and a CNRS PI and graduate student.
  • Graduate students may be identified after the proposal is submitted.
  • UChicago PIs must be:
    • Assistant, Associate, or Full Professors.
    • Must be eligible to supervise or currently be supervising a PhD student.
    • Must only submit one proposal to this round of the program.
  • UChicago Graduate Students must be:
    • Second or third-year PhD students with an interest in international collaboration with France.
  • CNRS PIs must be:
    • Researchers or Professors (PU, MCF) working in a CNRS-affiliated lab and holding an accreditation to supervise PhD students (HDR).
    • Must only submit one proposal to this round of the program.
  • CNRS Graduate Students must be:
    • Candidates to a PhD program.
  • Collaborative Research : there must be at least one PI from UChicago and one PI from a CNRS-affiliated lab. Those who do not already have a collaborator may consult the CNRS website (CNRS directory) or the UChicago website (academic departments directory) to find information on the research groups and projects being carried out in either institution.

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