The CNRS Foundation partners with Friends of Fondation de France

© Cyril Frésillon / PEPSEA / CNRS Photothèque

“In 2000, the Fondation de France created Friends of Fondation de France to enable patrons living in the United States to donate to French foundations and associations. Over the past twenty years, more than $30 million has been donated to over three hundred philanthropic causes.

By becoming a partner in the program on March 17, 2022, the CNRS Foundation intends to expand its network of donors across the Atlantic, drawing on the presence of CNRS laboratories and a permanent office. Donors living in the United States can support the CNRS Foundation’s activities via the Friends of Fondation de France websiteAs a recognized U.S. philanthropic organization, it is exempt from federal income tax. Individual donations are deductible from U.S. federal income taxes by law. Gifts from major donors, such as private foundations, corporations and directed funds, are not subject to the costs and administrative burdens associated with international grants.

From San Francisco to Paris, New York to Bordeaux, international cooperation is at the heart of scientific research.”

You too can participate!

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